What is itopia and why is it a must for remote teams?

With itopia, organizations are moving desktop virtualization to the Google Cloud in order to implement teleworking in the shortest possible time. 

In a year marked by severe confinements, mobility restrictions and social distance, companies are implementing all the necessary tools so that business productivity is not diminished.

Chica teletrabajando gracias a itopia

In this case, solutions such as itopia make the transition from office to teleworking possible in record time. 

What is itopia? 

It is a tool that uses automation to deploy remote desktops and applications to any device much sooner than you think. 

With this solution you ensure a safe and cost-effective transition to teleworking by establishing an easily managed and implemented remote access in your operating model. 

itopia: from office to telework in a single day

Only with its definition we can get an idea of why this tool is essential for all those companies that have their staff teleworking.

In addition, there are three key points that justify the implementation of itopia in companies:

  • Centralization in a single console: system administrators have the ability to deploy multi-regions and a distributed global workforce from a single console. 
  • Efficiency from minute one: You can automate more than 300 IT administration tasks and employ best practices for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) lifecycle management. With this you achieve enhanced security and efficiency while saving time and costs. 
  • 100% security: the protection of equipment is guaranteed because all customer information is stored in your Google Cloud Platform project, behind your GCP firewall.
Chico teletrabajando

Google Cloud Platform and itopia are the best choice, why? 

The combination of GCP and itopia makes it possible to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud computing while eliminating the complexities of legacy local infrastructure and reducing costs. With itopia it is possible to start a transition to remote working quickly and, of course, securely for several reasons:

  • Enable a telework force at any scale in minutes and from any location. 
  • You get higher end-user satisfaction by having high-performance virtual machines on GCP’s low-latency network. 
  • It can be accessed from any device. 
  • It facilitates the IT team’s ability to deliver greater strategic value to the business while itopia management handles the day-to-day. 

Do you still have doubts? Do you feel like losing many days implementing telework? No, don’t you? Then contact us and we will give you the keys to get everything ready in the shortest possible time.

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