The ideal choice for improving business commitment with Google Workspace

Commitment is gaining strength in the working life of all companies. The world of work has changed and today’s generations have a different way of relating to employers. For example, baby boomers prioritize stability in an organization, while millennials are not afraid of change and have an attitude of adaptability to change.  

LumApps y Google Workspace

In this blog we have talked about many of the solutions that the Google cloud offers us to work comfortably from anywhere and at any time. In addition, they are tools that allow productivity is not interrupted at any time and encourage continuous learning of teams. But what about engagement? What solution do we use to improve business engagement? In this case we are clear that with LumApps and Google Workspace. We explain.

Why is corporate commitment essential? 

As we mentioned at the beginning, work has changed and so have employees’ priorities. Today’s employees need to see that their talent is still being cultivated and that being in an organization is an opportunity for personal growth. 

It is becoming increasingly common to see companies realizing that they need to generate an optimal employee experience because employees want to be treated as the unique individuals they are. Managers need to create more personalized, simple and reliable experiences. So when they sit down to listen to employees and devote time and attention to them, the company will also have won. 

Google Workspace and LumApps to improve business engagement

At this time when digital has gained ground, there is a strong correlation between employee experience and engagement with the levels of satisfaction workers have with the technology they use on a day-to-day basis in their work. 

In Nubalia Part of Devoteam we have already told you that Google Workspace is essential to have your entire office in a single space. But, in addition, LumApps allows its integration for employees to simplify their user experience. Here are some of the improvements it brings with it: 

Make the employee experience simpler

With LumApps, Google Workspace applications can be accessed from the employee space, which will improve productivity because teams won’t have to jump from one application to another: 

  • Direct access to the highlighted folder for quick access to files. 
  • Checking the latest emails directly from LumApps.
  • Calendar review in the employee’s own space. 

Collaborative work from a single location

You can take advantage of the benefits of LumApps social communities to include a team or project calendar. You can also do the same with a team folder. 

Comunidades LumApps

Quick access to knowledge

From the same employee dashboard you can access, thanks to the global search, various knowledge and information both in Google Workspace’s own applications as well as in pages, articles, media, publications…..What are you waiting for to do your bit to make your employees feel more committed to your organization? Do you need more information? Just contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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