Take full advantage of SAP on Google Cloud

Imagine being able to extract the best of your enterprise software with all the goodness that Google Cloud has to offer? Don’t imagine it, it’s a reality. 

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SAP solutions can now be maintained in a cloud by integrating with Google accounts and leveraging the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure to maintain security with the best reliability, network and uptime performance. 

What is SAP?

SAP or Systems, Applications and Products is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) market leader, a software through which the advanced information of multiple flows of the company such as production processes, logistics, marketing, collections or sales among others is managed. 

It is the most used management program in the world because it is divided into modules that bring together all the departments of an organization and can work with each other by working on the same database.

Information is shared between the different departments covering all the processes of a company in real time. 

Google Cloud provides SAP with a certified infrastructure

SAP finds in Google Cloud Platform a certified infrastructure that runs the solutions in a reliable and optimal way, providing maximum performance and reliability. 

From Nubalia Part of Devoteam we see it as an unparalleled way to offer our customers, in addition to a high level of expertise, a cloud infrastructure with great leadership and at the vanguard of digital transformation

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Benefits of SAP with Google Cloud Platform

We believe that the best way to extract benefits from running SAP workloads is to do it with Google Cloud Platform for several reasons: 

  • You pay only for what you use and it scales as the business grows. Also, costs are easily optimized and you can get good visibility of spend. 
  • 100% security guarantee as SAP data is protected by security and encryption at all levels. 
  • Access to innovation through tools that enable you to integrate your SAP data with powerful machine learning technologies to provide your customers with advanced business insights. 
  • The best scalable solutions to power your SAP tools are in Google Cloud. 
  • Migration of physical and virtual data is 100% possible with Google Cloud technologies. 

No doubt, it is the best time to take advantage of all the benefits that Google Cloud can bring to your enterprise SAP. In Nubalia Part of Devoteam we offer you the necessary experience for your tools to grow in the cloud. Let’s talk

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