Prontopiso is an online real estate company specialized in property-chain since 2017. 

This company is characterized by having developed a proprietary technology that connects the largest network of real estate agents to streamline the process of selling the house. 

The company realized that one of the most successful strategies for them was to open different agent zones in Spain with a geographic focus. They wanted to ensure that in those areas where there is no physical Prontopiso office, all the agents would have a single stack to bring all the properties to their systems. Thus, they needed to find a different solution to the one they had so far: 

  • Generate multiple environments within the same server.
  • Integrate data and structure with Google Cloud Platform
  • Quickly scale all the environments of the Spanish provinces of the real estate park.

How do we help Prontopiso boost the scalability of its business?

We advised and offered the range of possibilities with which Google Cloud made it possible to achieve the objective. 

We implement kubernetes to generate multiple environments within the same server.

We demonstrate GCP’s capabilities for business-optimized data services.

At Nubalia we unblock with solid and real arguments the initial phases of a digital transformation project.

What has Prontopiso achieved in the cloud?

  • Ease of integrating data and structure in a simple environment. 
  • Work with an API vision to make property valuation more fun and closer to reality.  
  • Invest in more projects with GCP to grow in a market as competitive as real estate.  

Do you want your company to be a success story like Prontopiso?