Lewolang is an education project conceived in 2018. It is an online learning resource where spoken English is assessed through an app. A start-up based in Spain that helps Spanish and Latin American students to practice and learn the language through innovative methods. 

trabajadores lewolang

As they got to work on the application, they established infrastructure specifications essential to their project. As a new product, Lewolang had to scale to meet unknown levels of demand in the most cost-effective way possible while gaining visibility and building brand awareness:

  • Need for a more scalable infrastructure through a quick and easy process. 
  • It is essential to ensure the security of confidential customer information.

How do we help Lewolang to have a fully scalable system?

We performed a proof of concept, the design of the environment and the migration of the web application.

We take care of the optimization and maintenance of the solution with a quick and easy process.

We implemented encryption at rest to maintain the security of all customer data.

At Nubalia we believe in the importance of having a fully scalable system from the moment a project is born.

What has Lewolang achieved with GCP?

  • Auto-scaling infrastructure for organic growth
  • Allocate prices per minute to optimize profitability at start-up
  • Encrypt information at rest to provide excellent security at a low cost.

“For a small startup, using Google Cloud Platform has many advantages. We can accurately track real demand by configuring their systems at scale. Our automatic scaling system will create new instances in less than 60 seconds and shut down redundant VMs in less than 30 seconds after they become inactive.”

Marc Canals Pi, CTO and web developer, Lewolang

Do you want your company to be a success story like Lewolang?