GF Hoteles

GF Hoteles is a diversified business group with a thriving hotel base established on the island of Tenerife since 1971. It has a staff of 1,000 employees distributed among the different hotels and their respective departments.

Although time seems to stand still on these paradisiacal islands, these companies are also undergoing a mandatory digital transition brought about by technological progress and new habits.

GF Hotels has become the first hotel chain in the islands to go to the cloud with Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform to unify routines, streamline processes and improve, in general, the situation of the different workers of the group:

  • Start the digital transformation thanks to GF-TIC and Nubalia, a Google Cloud partner.
  • Change management and employee training on new work facilitation tools.

How do we help GF Hotels make a successful digital and cultural transformation?

We train digitizers to help other employees use cloud solutions.

Implementation of changes among the hotel staff and in the offices.

We work to exploit all the advanced possibilities of Google Cloud Platform.

At Nubalia we strive to ensure that the digital transformation is understood and well received by the entire team.

What has GF Hotels achieved with this change?

  • At the moment, 200 people are already using Google Workspace tools on their mobile devices or tablets.
  • Greater integration of collaboration between teams thanks to collaborative tools in the cloud. 
  • Transferring On premise software to the cloud to work with the different possibilities of Google Cloud such as Compute Engine and networking.

“We want to be at the forefront in terms of using the new technologies that Google offers to be at the forefront of our industry.”

GF Hoteles

Do you want your company to be a success story like GF HOTELES?