Gana Energía

Gana Energía is a Valencia-based company which supplies 100% renewable energy. It serves the entire peninsula and is part of a group regarded as independent electricity suppliers.

It’s emerging as a genuine alternative to the traditional energy sector companies and stands out thanks to its affordable tariffs for both homes and businesses. Right now, it’s made up of a team of 50 people across Customer Services and Sales, IT, Marketing and Gana Energía Fico.

Equipo Gana Energía

After its founding and everything it’s achieved in the last few years, the company wanted to continue evolving and was faced with the challenge of having a physical infrastructure which took up space and increased costs and maintenance times. That’s when they decided to innovate, transferring their servers to the cloud and introducing Google Workspace and GCP to increase security, dynamism and efficiency in their work:

  • Migration to the cloud so they could focus 100% on the business and forget the operational side. 
  • Increase security and get access to information from any device and any location.
  • Switch to a more resilient corporate culture.

How did we help Gana Energía achieve a successful digital and cultural transformation?

We moved the servers to Google and mirrored all the information onto virtual machines.

We renewed the technology platform in order to deal with an increase in both the number of customers and the response speed of the services provided.

We carried out an in-depth analysis to eradicate connectivity problems, name changes, etc. in the migration.

At Nubalia, we work to make sure the migration process is as transparent, quick and easy as possible

What has Gana Energía gained in the cloud?

  • Stability without outages, with servers functioning 24 hours a day meaning improved customer service.
  • Streamlined all processes thanks to the ability to share and edit documents instantaneously with Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform.
  • They’re so happy with Google that they want to implement a tool which allows them to determine customers’ needs and the best way to handle them.

“When Nubalia got on board they made our lives so much easier by ensuring the migration of the servers was a simple, transparent process. We went from having several people maintaining the servers to not needing anyone at all. That meant we could focus more of our efforts on developing our projects”.

Francisco Núñez, Head of the IT Department

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