Comdata is a multinational expert and leader in customer experience, with more than 30 years of activity, ranked in the Top 10 by recognized official organizations such as Everest Group, Gartner and Nelson Hall.

Its goal is to help startups and the most prestigious brands on the planet maximize their value and differentiate themselves from their competitors, thanks to the end-to-end synchronization of customer experience and omnichannel digital solutions demanded by the modern consumer.

Comdata needed all of its sites and employees to work in a unified way, using the same tools for everyone and creating accessible information repositories that foster communication and collaboration between colleagues and customers: 

  • Promote and realize a unified Comdata for customers and employees with more collaborative communication.. 
  • Share resources across the group and simplify and manage internal processes. 
  • Optimize IT costs and acquire a culture of change and constant improvement.

How do we help Comdata make a successful digital and cultural transformation?

We evaluate the impact of change in each of the areas of the countries involved and create progressive phases of change.

We measure the existing knowledge prior to the training and the satisfaction with the contents.

We offered detailed information to users through the employee portal, training site, video courses and use cases and best practices on YouTube.

At Nubalia we want the digital transformation and its consequences to be understood by all teams and users.

What has Comdata achieved in the cloud?

  • Almost 100% adoption of all Google solutions in Spain and France. 
  • Google-Covid security layer (two-factor authentication).
  • Fast and clean adoption without data loss.

“This is the first major technological project common to all of Comdata, with the participation and involvement of all countries, framed within the “One Comdata” strategic objective. We did not limit ourselves to simply introducing a new tool, but wanted to implement a real change in our work philosophy.”

José Luis García de los Ríos – CIO/ CTO Spain – LATAM

Do you want your company to be a success story like Comdata?