Antai Venture

Antai Venture is a digital business company builder specialized in co-founding, launching and scaling start-ups with great agility. Its main objective is to treat the entire development process of a start-up in a comprehensive manner from the beginning. They focus on the first phase of identifying the business opportunity, going through phases such as aligning the vision of the company with the go-to-market in order to reach bootstrapping, where the company materializes. 

The company helps startups with an orchestration or system capable of configuring, coordinating and autonomously managing software. Antai needed to visualize how Google Cloud Platform solutions could fit into the type of businesses and technologies they operate with:

  • Improve the big data of all your companies
  • Optimization in the management of Google Kubernetes Engine containers.

How do we help Antai empower start-ups?

We bring a wealth of Google Cloud Platform knowledge to the technical teams.

We review all initiatives to create standardized processes.

We support every technical decision, guiding it with GCP best practices and certified cloud architects.

At Nubalia we actively support initiatives to bring start-ups closer to Google’s solutions

What has Antai achieved in the cloud?

  • All Antai companies moved from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to GCP. 
  • Google Cloud Platform is the base cloud platform for all Antai projects.

“Nubalia has helped us from the beginning to visualize how GCP’s solutions could fit into the type of business and technologies we operate with. In particular, they have provided us with direct access to experts and trainers, collaborated with the organization of internal training events and in some cases helped with the technical resolution of certain incidents or problems that were not easily solved.”

Aldo Chiecchia, Partner and CTO at Antai

Do you want your company to be a success story like Antai?