What is Asana?

It’s a task manager that lets you plan projects and deadlines in practical and dynamic fashion.

Program and structure your team’s work all in the same place, taking into account the individual pace of their work. You can set priorities, share details and fix a calendar which adheres to the timing of each project. As you’ll soon find out, managing tasks and projects has never been so easy.


Visualise your work

The selection of boards provide a reference point for all the different stages of your project at a glance.

Meet deadlines

Use the schedule to create a plan that shows you how the pieces of your project fit into place so you can keep your work up to date and adapt to changes.

Fully integrated

More than 100 integrations to choose from to help get all your content in a single location. Bring together emails, files, tickets and much more.

Do you want to boost your team’s efficiency?