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It’s time to understand the digital transformation

We’re always working to make sure you understand every step of a digital transformation. That’s why our training courses are aimed at different teams with differing objectives. We want to make sure all our training is fully tailored to your needs, so our packs are 100% customisable and personalised.

We’ll help find the right pack for you

Workspace Studio

100% online training in all Google Workspace productivity and collaboration tools: 9 training courses, video explainers, quizzes, complete manuals, practical exercises and self-evaluations. Discover how to work more quickly, but most importantly, how to work better!

Basic and advanced Google Workspace user

We help you to develop all skills you need to work with Google Workspace remotely. We reveal the full range of advantages of this Google solution in two levels, basic and advanced. Pick the one that best suits you.

Workspace Complex

Face-to-face or personal training where we take a detailed look at the huge range of features for each tool in Google Workspace. Learn all there is to know about Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Chat, Meet, Drive and Docs. You’ll have access to a personalised portal containing all the information you need, as well as tutors on hand to answer all your questions. Learn about the advantages of working collaboratively!

Google Workspace user

We help you to obtain all the skills you need to work with Google Workspace in the office or remotely.

Google Workspace administrator

We educate future administrators, detecting a business’s strengths in order to reinforce them.

Online workshops

Online workshops designed to improve processes in real-life scenarios, both in terms of security, as well as in managing enterprise mobility and transformation. Make your business more productive and secure!

Transformation Workshops

We put users in real-life scenarios and help them to resolve issues alongside their colleagues as an introduction to Google’s collaborative philosophy.

MDM Workshops (Mobile Device Management)

We help enhance the existing mobile device management strategy, as well as implementing Google’s enterprise mobility management (MDM).

Security Workshops

We teach how to improve security using an assessment, developing an action plan and executing the current processes within the organisation’s configuration.

Nubalia Hub

Express advice on all Google Cloud tools and solutions, at your premises or virtually. Don’t miss out on your chance to discover the cloud!

Google Corner

We come to your organisation or education centre in person to answer any questions a user might have about Google Workspace tools.

Learn at work

We make sure every user has the ability to resolve all their doubts or queries related to Google Workspace from the comfort of their workstation.

Google Champions

We offer early access to Google Workspace to provide training and assistance for this Google solution as an incentive to change for the initial members and their colleagues.

Explainer videos

Pack of 26 educational videos on productivity and collaboration using Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Chrome, Chat, Meet, Mobile and other tools.

GCP Studio

100% online training in the different Google Cloud Platform services and how to apply them within your organisation. Up to 4 hours of pure learning gold!

Cloud SQL

We teach you how to configure, maintain and manage PostgreSQL and MySQL databases on the cloud.

Kubernetes Engine

We help you create, configure and manage a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform, as well as how to deploy applications on it.

Cloud Functions

Learn the basic skills you need in order to create microservices using Google Cloud Functions.

Google API

We help you get to know and use Google APIs.

Big Query

We explain advanced concepts of BigQuery and their application within your organisation.

App Maker

We decipher this tool which allows you to create personalised web applications without the need for a developer.


Compartimos nociones básicas de Anthos y su aplicación dentro de la organización

Cloud Run

We share the basic concepts of Anthos and its application within your organisation.

Cloud Task

We explain more basic concepts of Cloud Task and outline how to apply them to your company.

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*All Nubacademy training courses are eligible for Fundación Tripartita grants.