Modernize your data analysis with BigQuery

Storing and querying large databases can consume a great deal of time and money when the appropriate hardware and infrastructure are not in place.


More and more companies are contracting data warehouses that allow them to work dynamically and, above all, instantly. Read on and discover a new Google Cloud ool that offers multiple benefits for those who decide to use it.

Data warehouse: what is it?

Data warehouses are spaces where all kinds of data can be dumped for further analytical processing. 

In this type of tools, all data can be hosted and a complete analysis can be executed to help companies make critical business decisions, forecast trends or budgets, etc.

What is BigQuery?

One of the questions that large companies often ask themselves when choosing their data warehouse is which tool is the best fit for their business.

Well, Google Cloud offers the best solution for companies with its BigQuery data analysis tool.

BigQuery is presented as a large-scale enterprise data warehousing solution. It is an enterprise data warehouse that enables high-speed SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. It is basically designed to make analysts’ work much more productive, as it allows running statistics on large amounts of data in real time.

It is important to note that this tool does not depend on any other server, so it is not necessary to resort to any kind of infrastructure to make it work. In addition, BigQuery integrates easily with other tools, taking advantage of the data not only to make decisions, but also to act instantly in any situation.

In short, BigQuery makes a digital transformation possible and, more importantly, much more profitable.


Benefits of using BigQuery for data analysis

Improved scale and power

This data warehouse comes loaded with benefits for the company that purchases it, as it is very easy to set up and manage as it does not require an administrator.

This makes the scale and power improve on its own, and in just seconds anyone can get this tool up and running. In short, fully managed and serverless for maximum agility and scalability.

Competitive pricing

It is proven that BigQuery can reduce the overall costs generated by an organization over 3 years by 52%.

This means that it can drive digital innovation and different artificial technology projects mainly due to its lower price. This makes it less funds needed and more cost-effective in the long run. 

Obtain information in real time

BigQuery’s high-performance service makes data immediately available for analysis. This makes it possible to obtain information in real time. 

You can consult the data in real time and know what is happening at any given moment. In addition, it is also possible to do so from any device worldwide, making it easy to make important decisions based on this data.

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Protect your data and operate securely

BigQuery offers very solid security and reliability controls so you can have peace of mind at all times. 

Data is automatically replicated, restored and backed up to ensure data continuity. 

In addition, thanks to this tool you can create machine learning models without having to move data from your data warehouse.

Easily share knowledge and information

It enables seamless sharing of analytical insights within the organization, as well as one-click sharing of data sets, queries, spreadsheets or reports. It is characterized as durable and highly available

Also, it allows you to create databases or reports for easy sharing both internally and externally. It has a high-speed memory for much faster reporting and data analysis. 

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