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Do you believe that quality distance education is possible? Videoconferencing has been incorporated into the classroom for years, opening the way for a whole new distance learning methodology to be explored.

Today, the classroom of the future is already a reality, merging virtual and face-to-face formats and offering next-generation education solutions. 
We present a new format that knows no limits or borders, connecting people from all over the world and inviting them to live an immersive 360º educational experience.

What is is a next-generation platform specialized in cloud-based video collaboration technology. It was born with the goal of providing a more immersive video conferencing experience for organizations looking to transform their learning and training environments. 

Thanks to its latest generation technology, it connects people through video, chat and content exchanges. All this in real time and with a high quality service, allowing up to 160 remote users to connect as if they were in a real classroom. Room of the Future has been a breakthrough in the field of education, e-Learning and employee collaboration. 
In short, this new blended learning method allows distance learning to change from something cold and monotonous to a 100% immersive, collaborative and engaging experience.

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In addition to the fact that the platform allows students and teachers to interact virtually in real time, it offers tools of all kinds. These simulate a physical classroom experience, providing hybrid and remote learning environments:

  • Screens: offers up to 48 screens within a high-definition video wall. It also incorporates camera, lighting and audio systems, operated by SyncRTC’s software.
  • 4K video: uses high-quality video to host interactive sessions, allowing teachers or presenters to interact with participants remotely.
  • 360º video player: allows 360º video playback, generating augmented or virtual reality experiences. It also runs 2D or 3D simulations and displays big data visualizations with high connectivity, ensuring an enriching multimedia content experience.Data analytics: offers a comprehensive analytics tool to monitor utilization and track participant interaction. This portal shows, among other things, how much time participants spent viewing the materials presented or how effectively key messages were delivered.

Nebrija Room of the Future

Many institutions have joined distance learning, adapting to the latest technologies on the market. A great success story is the union between and Nebrija University. 

A couple of years ago the University of Nebrija, and in particular the Global Campus Nebrija (its online area) opted for this sophisticated blended learning tool (presential and virtual). It focused on the quality of the content, student interaction and experiential learning. 

The traditional classroom was replaced by a physical space with a large video wall. In this way, the teacher who taught the class could interact with the students who were connected from anywhere in the world. 

Nebrija Room of the Future integrated tools that allow the projection of high quality content, collaborative work among students, the application of geolocation systems and the implementation of surveys and tests. 

Nebrija University opted for a digital space that was groundbreaking and innovative with a clear objective: “to eliminate the limits of traditional classes, the ones we have known until now. We try to make the educational experience free of geographical and technological constraints to focus on what matters: learning. Learning in a meaningful, efficient, motivating and global way. This sophisticated technology is a great boost towards this goal, which aims to erase the boundary between face-to-face and online teaching,” declared the then rector of the university, Joaquín Espallargas.

Nebrija is just one of the educational institutions around the world that have joined the challenge of implementing a new blended and transversal teaching model that moves away from the traditional one. So far, the success has been overwhelming, and the model has been implemented to perfection within this institution. What do you think about the new class of the future? We think it’s super interesting and totally necessary nowadays. If you have any questions or want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s time to join the learning revolution!

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