Connect your Organization – Using LumApps to Build Culture

Connecting employees is an essential need for business success – especially in large organizations. A digital workplace that includes an internal communication platform with social features helps to address this challenge. Today’s innovative companies are investing in digital transformation not only for work efficiency but also to create connections between employees.

Why is a social intranet essential in human resources?

A corporate intranet is not a thing of the past. The corporate social intranet allows teams to develop resilient cultures within the organization. It facilitates knowledge sharing between staff and departments, resulting in working smarter, more efficient and better connected across the world.
The corporate intranet is a critical tool for Human Resources teams to communicate official information, as well as promote company culture and values from within. It allows employees to communicate with the HR department and access the most important information at the right time, no matter where they are. It’s a centralized place for all knowledge and communication that encourages conversation between employees and across departments.

How do you engage employees with a digital workplace platform?

  • Select the right tools depending on the organization’s needs
  • Communicate on a regular schedule
  • Availability – be prepared to answer questions and respond to communications on time
  • Support employees to engage and respond to communications
  • Encourage collaboration from any location

The purpose of a corporate intranet

Today’s intranets are easy to navigate, agile, practical and have a very attractive design. They are also cloud-based, so they can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

Their main purpose is to connect employees, teams and departments, by sharing relevant information to create a collaborative ecosystem that supports productivity and collaboration.

An organization’s intranet is an asset for everyone, from IT to human resources, including the strategic development team. It’s a platform that works smartly to help employees do their jobs better.

LumApps: the social network for your organization

LumApps is the social intranet of your corporate environment integrated with all cloud providers. It has everything you need to communicate with your team in one place: customized news feed, business applications, and social communities. 

The development of a corporate portal based on LumApps intranet network will facilitate cooperation within the team and improve business communication at all the company levels. Like and comment on the articles and news you find interesting. Share information with colleagues in social communities/ workgroups/ structural units. Follow your colleagues’ news and posts, join projects and get notified of issues that are important to you. 

LumApps, which is recommended and used by Google, combines all the benefits of a corporate portal: communication facilitation, development of social communication channels, automatization of information and sharing relevant information for each employee.

Create a corporate culture with LumApps.

The company internal portal

LumApps combines all the company internal business communications on one platform: business application, including all cloud providers, corporate news and knowledge databases.

Social workplace

LumApps social network unites employees of all levels on a comfortably organized internal corporate portal.

Customized content

The relevant content for the right persons. LumApps takes care of newsfeed customization and information relevance for a particular employee or a department.

Personnel base

Learn more about your colleagues. Review skills and contact information follow the social activity and easily communicate with anyone in the company.

Design and style

Due to its adaptive design, LumApps can be easily configured for any brand book. To organize the corporate social network you do not need any knowledge of HTML, CSS or any programming languages, as all the required changes are introduced using a handy and intuitive editor.

Business applications

LumApps helps you manage and add daily business applications (CRM, task managers, email clients, accounting and administration systems) to the interface to ensure quick and personal access to users based on their job functions.

Single sign-on

LumApps can be integrated with all cloud providers and become available on the toolbar. To start using the social intranet you do not need to register, just login to your corporate account and you are already on the portal!

Access from any device

Use the social network wherever you are. Follow the company news on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Advantageous Functions for Human Resources

In addition to the advantages that a social intranet provides to teams, the human resources department also benefits from features that make their work easier:

  • More than 30 languages are ​​available.
  • Resources to drive adoption and commitment, and analytics to measure it.
  • Full integration with Google Workspace.
  • LumApps Essentials to instantly start your digital transformation


The social corporate network plays a major role in encouraging employees and increasing their interest in work. As a result, HR will address one of its most crucial points – building a strong and cohesive team.

As organizations define and establish their ideal workplace cultures, face-to-face interactions will be additive communication channels instead of primary, which was the case for many organizations before the pandemic. LumApps gives enterprises a single Digital Workplace and Employee App ready to align, communicate, inspire and maximize productivity for all employees. LumApps is completely integrated with all cloud providers.

Sounds interesting?  Are you prepared to reconsider your intranet as a powerful instrument to connect your organization and all your employees? 

LumApps is your answer! 

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