How to implement passwordless spaces with Yubico

Due to technological evolution, traditional authentication processes are increasingly vulnerable to attackers. For some time now, Yubico has been breaking with tradition and helping large companies to simplify their strategic processes. We tell you about it!

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What is passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication is understood as strong authentication that eliminates passwords and provides a more secure and frictionless login experience. This technology offers a form of authentication that does not require the user to provide a password to log in. 

Today, there are many different implementations of passwordless authentication. While traditional approaches to this technology are becoming obsolete, modern approaches offer strong resistance to problems such as phishing.

It is a fact that every company is different, so not all systems are the same. Depending on factors such as users, existing authentication processes or staff training, the implementation will be different.
Any organization wants to defend itself against online attacks, and passwordless technology is a great solution to make this a reality. Thanks to this system, you can improve the organization’s online security while providing users with a fast and easy user experience.

Yubico pioneered the development of innovative new passwordless security protocols for implementation in leading applications and enterprises worldwide.


How to develop a passwordless strategy

It is very common to find small mistakes common to everyone who launches the implementation of a password-free strategy. Below, we will look at the trends that need to be corrected for a successful planning and implementation process.

Leaving traditional thinking behind

Some security experts often tend to think of implementation processes in a traditional way. This needs to change, as this type of technology may involve different products or different levels of users, making traditional thinking obsolete when it comes to implementation. 

It is therefore important for online security experts to be aware of this and implement as they go along. 

Do not skip any step

When something is in a hurry, processes are usually shortened in order to reach the final goal faster. In this case it is a complete mistake, since each of the phases that make up the execution process is essential for the correct implementation of the program. 

Also, this type of technology allows to accelerate the implementation if it is given with the right professionals. Achieving a fast, cheap and high quality service is possible thanks to Yubico

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Involve the entire company

When executing a strategy like this, the whole company must be involved in the process. In other words, it would make no sense for this to be done in one department and not in the rest, as it is very likely to end up failing. 

The key is to adopt a holistic approach and involve all parties from the outset, achieving the maximum possible adaptation on the part of the user. In addition, if this is done correctly, it will greatly improve the security of the organization as a whole. 

Anticipate communication

In line with the previous point, it is necessary for all users and people involved in the process to be up to date with what is happening.

To this end, a strategy must be planned that allows for a better understanding of the new solutions and processes that are being proposed. 

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