Google Cloud multiplies possibilities in higher education

With the advent of new educational models, it is necessary to have a series of tools that offer users everything they need to develop a complete experience.

The educational models that have grown the most in recent years have been blended learning and the hybrid model. Many higher education institutions have already implemented them, using tools that enhance the value proposition and performance. But what is the difference between them?

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Throughout this article we tell you how  Google for Education has developed new tools to boost productivity and communication in higher education institutions. Read on and discover how these tools contribute greatly to the successful implementation of new educational models.

Hybrid or blended learning model?

The hybrid model and blended learning are two concepts that are often mistakenly used as synonyms. Despite having common features, they differ from each other in many aspects.

On the one hand, blended learning refers to the combination of face-to-face education with the use of digital solutions, such as a virtual campus. In other words, blended learning is a face-to-face teaching model that is complemented with digital tools to offer a much more complete educational experience.

On the other hand, the hybrid model is the most flexible option, and tries to respond to the needs of all the people involved in the educational process. Moreover, within the hybrid model itself, blended learning can be integrated, as well as other forms of teaching. These can be distance learning, online training, face-to-face classes, flipped classrooms, etc.

Many people see in this type of teaching the future of education. In addition, it is a fact that the increasingly comprehensive implementation of digital solutions within educational models offers multiple advantages, such as: 

  • Greater autonomy and improved accessibility. 
  • Personalized, interactive and flexible learning. 
  • Active communication between colleagues and teachers.
  • Reduction of expenses and material waste.
  • Creation and adaptation of customized content. 
  • Increased productivity among students.

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Google Cloud for Education: a world of possibilities at your fingertips

Google for Education transforms teaching and learning in higher education institutions through  Google Cloud technology.

The main advantage that Google Cloud offers within the educational environment is that it reduces the complexity of processes, meeting the needs of users. Although basic teaching models still exist, the possibilities are limitless when we integrate Google for Education tools.

From wherever you want

With Google Cloud you don’t have to rely on a single provider, because thanks to open source you can run apps in any cloud or environment. In other words, open cloud solutions provide consistency between public and private clouds. 

Common advances in research and learning

Google Cloud tools have revolutionized the research sector at a higher level by offering a range of possibilities that improve processes and procedures. For example, as an open source service, it fosters innovation and joint research. 

With the availability of a common cloud, new and innovative possibilities arise for those conducting research around the world. Real-time collaborations or instant responses lead to significant breakthroughs in all kinds of areas.

Modern, secure and scalable infrastructure

Google Cloud offers an innovative infrastructure for optimal performance, delivering scalable, fast, and unfailingly high quality results.

And with high quality and operational excellence, it helps foster co-innovation, portability and interoperability. In addition, it offers a security model that protects your organization and helps you comply with regulations. 

Google Cloud security tools always support data compliance and confidentiality. Infrastructure, data, applications and customers are fully protected.

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In short, Google Cloud multiplies the possibilities in higher education, offering digital tools that are already changing the world. Make the implementation of a hybrid model much easier. Do you want more information? In Nubalia part of Devoteam we can help you to work without limits, contact us!

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