CloudFramework – What is BPA (Business Process Automation) and how can it help your business?

Today, one of the fastest growing trends in the market is the use of business process automation software. Read on to find out what this software consists of and how it can help your business.

What is business process automation (BPA)?

Business process automation (BPA) is a concept that encompasses several types of software focused on automating and streamlining a company’s operations. This allows organizations to achieve automation goals beyond the IT department. 

Thanks to this technology, companies increase their ability to automate time-consuming and human capital-intensive tasks in favor of improved operational efficiency. It also contributes to the improvement and simplification of workflows. 

Business process automation is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Automated execution: reduce the need for human intervention.
  • Integration: guarantees that the system will be extended focused on the organization’s process.
  • Orchestration: allows organizations to centralize the management of their IT infrastructure.

Cloud Framework to grow your business

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is conceived as the result of the implementation of a BPA.

With more than 25 years of experience in business development, the Cloud Framework platform is presented as a new concept of business process automation that comes to revolutionize the market. It helps to centralize, automate and measure all business processes from a single point, reducing manual work and letting technology work instead.

On the other hand, this innovative platform monitors and supervises critical processes, reducing the work of the team. Its objective is very clear: to make you forget about technology so that you can focus on your business. To do this, they have a 24×7 global support that will allow you to focus on what really matters. 

The platform is designed so that from the very beginning you can create and customize all the processes and workflows required by your business model. Of course, it is a solution that integrates 100% with Google Cloud, and guarantees security and compliance aspects ideal for all types of organizations. 

In addition, they are recognized for implementing ERP solutions in startups or SMEs that were previously only accessible to large companies.

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Increased efficiency and stability

BPA works by analyzing critical and non-critical business processes, as well as their relationship with other processes.

The first and great advantage of implementing this type of software is the improvement of efficiency in workflows throughout the company. Manual and repetitive tasks are automated, avoiding errors and increasing the quality of time. 

Centralization and customization

It is a platform focused on the needs of each project. Therefore, from the first moment you will be able to create and customize all workflows and work processes based on your business model. 

Some of the tasks that are optimized are file transfers, report generation or obtaining data from unstructured sources.

Versatility and scalability

Versatility goes hand in hand with BPAs, and thanks to their block-based nature, it is possible to get teams up and running in just a few hours to take advantage of the increased performance from the outset. 

On the other hand, another of the great added benefits is that scalability is gained, since when you have software robots you can implement and expand an automation strategy much more easily. 

If you want your company to grow and become much more efficient, you are in the right place. For more information do not hesitate to contact our team, you are already one step closer!

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