Chromebook is updated to provide more educational efficiency

Chromebook has become the most effective tool to promote quality learning in a year in which teaching has also had to get used to distance. 

Chica guardo su chromebook en la mochila

These affordable computers, economically and functionally speaking, have been used to follow the classes and the differences with face-to-face learning are quite minimal. 

Chromebook enhances learning from anywhere

To continue in this line and to ensure that educators, students and administrators enjoy quality assurance, Google has implemented accessibility improvements so that education has open doors from anywhere. 

Record the classes so as not to lose any detail

Recording classes has been a very successful resource since the world was brought to a standstill by the pandemic. It is a very popular method for students to do homework or prepare for exams in comfort. 

As useful as it is, not all the ends were neatly tied up, so Chromebook now adds a screen recording tool directly into Chrome OS (Google’s operating system) so teachers and students can record lessons and reports in class and at home. 

Grabar clases con chromebook

More functional Chromebooks

Google has also launched 40 new Chromebooks, and many of them are convertible, meaning they function as both a computer and a tablet. In addition, they include a stylus, touchscreen and dual cameras so students can take notes, edit videos, or draw from anywhere. 

On the other hand all these new chromebooks have exceptional experiences for Google Meet. 

Security for families

As families spend more time with their children and even become part of their routines, it is important that parents and guardians can support their learning and ensure that they are as safe as possible.

That’s why Google makes it possible for families to add a Google Workspace for Education account to their child’s personal Google account managed with Family Link. With this, children can log in to the apps and websites they need to access with a school account while parents and guardians can set guidelines for their use. 

More accessibility for all

Google has thought about accessibility for everyone, including people with some kind of functional diversity. ChromeVox, the screen reader, includes new features such as improved tutorials, a more advanced search engine and a smooth voice change that automatically changes the screen reader’s voice depending on the language of the text. These and many others are the innovations that Google has implemented and will include so that education continues to be kept alive and at no time in learning is diminished by an external agent. Do you want to know more? Contact us and we will tell you.

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