Benefits of using Acer Chromebook devices in a Google environment

In the last year, companies have learned that digital transformation and cloud environments are the alternative they need and will need so that, with efficiency and productivity, their businesses can overcome the crisis and gain in competitiveness. 

In this time, many sectors have learned to embrace those solutions and tools that facilitate processes in order to have more time and invest it in what is really important. It should be noted that Chrome Enterprise has contributed a lot to make processes in the office or at home much easier. 

In a Google environment, Chrome OS and Chrome are basic pillars.

With Chrome Enterprise, your organization makes use of the enterprise features of Chrome OS, the Chrome browser, or Chrome-powered devices. In this way, IT teams can support a faster, simpler and more secure user experience in the cloud for both customers and employees. 

Organizations need to reduce all the risks associated with traditional systems. To the situation of uncertainty and exit from the crisis that we live in right now, companies cannot add threats that are completely avoidable. How can they achieve this? Thanks to the security of Chrome OS, the Chrome browser and devices that make it easier to work from the office or from home. 

Benefits of using Acer Chromebook: what you need in your business

As you know, in these articles we are always going to recommend you the best of the best. In this case it is Acer’s chromebook. 

These are devices with fast startup, durable design, reliable security and very long battery life. In addition, they include malware protection that allows you to work with complete peace of mind all day long. 

But the benefits don’t stop there, in addition to all these capabilities, Chromebook Enterprise devices feature the enterprise capabilities of Chrome OS, allowing the IT team to organize and equip all teams with the resources they need to work conveniently, quickly, securely and efficiently from anywhere. 

Persona metiendo un chromebook acer en su bolso

Based on these features, roughly developed, we will break down the business functionalities of these fast and intelligent devices, so that after reading the post you will have no doubts that they are the best choice. 

Meet the Acer Chromebook 714 that will change the way you work in your company

Automatic activation

This feature allows IT departments to send Chromebook devices that will be automatically activated in the organization’s administration as soon as the end user connects to the Internet.

Acer Chromebook Advanced Security

These Acer chromebooks provide cloud security for businesses of any size so that they are protected from any loss or theft. A very useful option is that the devices can be configured as ephemeral, which means that user data is deleted when the user logs off. 

Simplified workflow coordination

IT teams have access to device policies and fleet monitoring capabilities from Google’s cloud-based management console for centralized coordination of workers’ Chromebooks from anywhere.  

With the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 you can alternate between work, personal and hobby projects.  

24/7 technical assistance

Worrying about not knowing what to do in the event of any unforeseen event should be a thing of the past, as Acer’s network management staff will have 24/7 support by phone or email. 

You have no excuse to get in touch with us and ask us more about these wonderful devices, do you?

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