Back to the office: the best solutions to readapt yourself.

After more than a year of working from home, returning to the office can be a very difficult process for many of us.

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Used to the telework format, we have developed new ways of working and collaborating, in most cases for the better. This is why we must be aware of our new habits in order to adapt them to the new normal.
What habits have we acquired and should we maintain to make our daily work better and more rewarding? Throughout this article we tell you how to adapt to the new routine with the best technological solutions.

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¿Qué supone volver a la oficina? 

O que significa estar de regresso ao escritório? 

The pandemic meant that we had to adapt from one day to the next to work from home, leaving aside face-to-face work.

Although both formats have advantages and disadvantages, it is true that having a physical facility is essential to ensure that employees are productive, which is good for business growth. In other words, the workplace is the heart of an organization, and the closer the workers are to it, the better the company as a whole will function. Moreover, we must not forget that great ideas and projects arise from collaboration and mutual help hand in hand. 

On the other hand, socialization is a key point within companies. It has been proven that having a direct relationship with colleagues makes work teams work better and be more cohesive, generating a good working environment.
In short, although there are great reasons and advantages to return to the on-site environment, it is necessary to adapt the work environment to the new situation. How? By taking stock of what we have learned and what has worked from home, adapting it to the office.

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The best solutions for readapting from Logitech

With the arrival of September, many companies have decided to return to physical offices after the pandemic. 

And if the return is already a fact, Logitech has the best solutions to make this return much more comfortable for everyone.

Hybrid format

It has become one of the biggest debates in recent months: is the hybrid format the best solution for companies? More and more experts from all kinds of fields are advising companies to adapt this format.

This is because hybrid work makes it possible to get the best of both worlds. However, for this to work, you need to create a flow between the regular office and the home office. Logitech helps you get two workspaces completely adapted to your needs and equipped with the best technology.

Adapt your workplace

I’m sure you’ve set up your home office filled with all the things that make you feel comfortable. Well, why not bring all this to the regular office? 

There are many technological options that allow you to work in a much more comfortable and, consequently, much more productive way. Logitech presents the Ergo range of computer keyboards and mice as an alternative to traditional devices, completely adapted to the consumer.

Ergo Mice

This line of ergonomic mouse is a great alternative to traditional mouse, improving posture and alleviating discomfort without impacting productivity.

The MX Vertical mouse is perfect for reducing pressure and improving wrist posture, as well as relieving forearm strain. 

On the other hand, MX Ergo Trackball is designed to fit the shape of the hand, improving posture and reducing movement. Therefore, it eliminates the need for excessive movements and reduces muscle tension. 

Finally, another perfect option is the Ergo M575 TrackBall, which like the MX Ergo Trackball is controlled via a trackball, eliminating the need for excessive movement. In addition to this, it is specifically designed to rest the hand and arm in place, saving a lot of space.

Ergo Series Keyboards

These are traditional keyboards that offer more natural typing postures, higher ergonomic benefits and reduced muscle tension.

On the one hand, the Ergo K860 model promotes relaxed typing posture, improves wrist support and reduces muscle tension in the wrists and forearms. In addition, the padded wrist rest offers great comfort and the optimal ergonomic position. 

If you need a more traditional design with all the ergonomic and comfort benefits, the Ergo K350 is for you.

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Whether it’s from the home office or the regular office, it’s very important that we create a workspace where we feel 100% comfortable. Of course, having the option of being able to adapt our habits and needs thanks to Logitech will make the return to routine much easier. 

And you, how is your return to the office going? If you want to know more about all the options that exist to make this process easier, just contact us – we’ll be happy to help you!

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