Automation: Key to Accelerating Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of companies is here to stay. If a few years ago this purely technological view of business was a thing of the future, that future has arrived and probably much sooner than previously thought. This social and economic impasse we have been experiencing has led companies to embrace digital transformation in all its dimensions.

Digital transformation and automation

Digital transformation is synonymous with new business strategy opportunities and comes about due to the application of new technological changes that seek to change the dynamics of companies to achieve success in the present and in the future. 

This technological transition cannot be understood without automating many processes, because companies will be more productive and more competitive if they focus on what is really important. This is why it is essential to automate many phases. 

What is automation? 

Automation is the replacement of a large percentage of human intervention in tasks with automated processes through technology.

What benefits does automation bring to the company? 

At Nubalia Part of Devoteam we are very pro-automation for several reasons: 

  • It adds value to the company because it brings efficiency and productivity. 
  • Increases the quality, accuracy and speed of business processes. 
  • Reduces the risk of human error. 
  • Reduces costs. 
  • Greatly streamlines the daily work routine. 
  • Provides more time for creativity, since automation contributes to greater dynamism.
  • Increase ROI in less time.
Empleados hablando sobre automatización

AppSheet Automation for Business Process Automation

What tool can you use to automate one of the most time-consuming human capital processes? AppSheet Automation is the perfect solution for automating business processes such as organizing documents, monitoring numerous business processes, or supporting events. 

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Main features of AppSheet Automation

And to finish convincing you that the acceleration of digital transformation will happen thanks to automation, here are some features of AppSheet Automation: 

  • Allows automatic processing of documents to extract useful information, such as obtaining key data from invoices to organize them according to customer criteria. 
  • Possibility to create applications to monitor processes such as company inventory, among many others. 
  • In addition, the data generated by AppSheet Automation is available directly in Google Workspace Sheets and Google Drive.

Is automation important or not for further acceleration of digital transformation? Is your company going through this process? If you need more information just contact us, we will be happy to help you! 

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