A job interview by video call? Tips to succeed in it

Meetings via video call are already part of our daily lives. So much so that the human resources departments of many companies have also had to reinvent themselves when it comes to recruiting talent. 

Dos chicas haciendo una entrevista de trabajo en remoto

Just a year ago, interviewing for a job through platforms like Meet was unthinkable, but this year’s experience has forced us to change our habits and face normality in a different way. 

The remote job interview

This new way of interviewing candidates who are in the middle of a job search is likely to save the company some costs and even allow HR managers from different locations to be present at the interview. This is more complicated with the traditional way. 

However, if you are one of the people selected for a remote job interview, you should not forget that you have to follow some guidelines and that many of them are still related to the job interview as we knew it recently. 

Never give up on research

Just because you are in front of the computer and at any given moment you may be curious about some information that will be revealed in the interview does not exempt you from preparing for the moment. Research about the company, about the competition, take into account skills that you have developed in other companies and you think you can exploit in this one. 

Set up the environment

In this case, we do not only have to worry about the clothing (which is just as important as the face-to-face interviews). The place we choose to do the interview also says a lot about us. So take care of the way you show yourself. Avoid backlighting, place the camera at eye level and avoid distracting backgrounds. 

Practice and test everything

We are absolutely fans of interviewing through Meet, but there are companies that may offer you a specific platform. So, before the crucial moment, do some research and even practice with someone you know so that you don’t have any problems when it comes to the moment of truth. 

Look at the camera and be natural

Even if you are behind a screen, you should try to relax and be natural. Too much non-verbal communication can be overdone. Look at the camera, smile, and most importantly, listen. When we are on a video call we can get distracted by a computer notification and lose concentration on what the other person is telling us. In this case you have to be very careful. The other person can tell if you are really listening to their argument. 

Responsable de recursos humanos haciendo una entrevista de trabajo por videollamada

Take into account bidirectionality

No solo es importante mirar a cámara, también es bueno tomar conciencia de que es una conversación. Por eso, respeta el espacio para hablar de la otra persona y sobre todo asiente de forma verbal (ej: “lo entiendo”, “efectivamente”), para que la otra persona se cerciore de que la estás escuchando. 

Are these small tips for a remote interview useful to you? We know that before a job interview everyone is nervous, expectant and doubtful. Relax, you are doing the speech at home in a safe, familiar and comfortable place. We are sure that if you follow these tips your interview will go smoothly. 

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