5 pillars for more productive videoconferences

Videoconfences is now part of our daily work routine. The possibility of meeting regularly is greater now because the traditional way often involved travel, extra costs or even too many changes in the agenda. With a videoconference we can solve from a long meeting to a meeting of only ten minutes to deal with an urgent matter. 

Salas de reuniones para videoconferencias

Highly productive Videoconferences systems

You know that in Nubalia Part of Devoteam we are completely in favor of alternatives that offer videoconference systems that raise the bar of quality to stratospheric limits, as is the case of Logitech solutions.

But quality is not the only strength. These tools allow Meet videoconferences to be fully productive because they are focused on spending time on what is really important in both corporate and educational environments.

Good image quality

Conference rooms need to have a cinema-quality camera that is able to provide full coverage of the room. Even when people are on the move, Logitech videoconfences solutions allow for a readjustment of the lens angle and zoom to make sure the person is not lost within the field of view. 

IT management is simple

In today’s collaborative environment, we need solutions that do not lead to technical problems. We need a device and room management tool that makes it easy for IT teams to monitor remotely with a clear, easy-to-read dashboard. With Logitech you have this solution fully assured. 

More than good audio

Crucial to a productive meeting is that the input is heard without any technical noise. Something we know Logitech is also working on every day because it wants to make sure all of its Meet video conferencing solutions have great audio. Demo de salas de reuniones para videoconferencias

Optimal user experience

The user experience is one of the most important factors because if the user is not able to find utility in the tool, the conclusion will not be too good. For this reason, Logitech is very focused on the user being able to make a very functional use of the solutions. Keep in mind that productivity is higher when the user experience is optimal. 

No excuses for collaborative spaces

We are evolving towards a vision in which starting a meeting from anywhere should be totally normalized. That’s why organizations must adapt all spaces to video collaboration, whether it is face-to-face or remote. We know Logitech is focused on this issue and is working to implement rooms that are easy to use and with security that protects all companies. 

The ultimate videoconfences solutions with Meet

As we have been saying throughout the post, Logitech has the right tools to have a level meeting rooms.

We don’t want to close this article without mentioning a more than revolutionary solution: Logitech TAP. It is a system that allows you to transform any space into a meeting place with Meet thanks to the option to connect with a single touch. The characteristic feature of this tool is that it is available for small, medium and large room configurations.

Have we made you want to give Logitech a try? Need more information to make you fall in love with Logitech? Contact us! We’ll be happy to make it possible for you to make your videoconferences ten out of ten. 

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