5 new features in Google Workspace that will boost your productivity

September is always the month to start over. It is the second month of the year when we make resolutions. There are those for the new year and those for the new academic year.

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As in Nubalia Part of Devoteam we are always thinking about what to put in this blog to help you to achieve your goals, we have come up with something that will surely come in handy for the return to the office or teleworking: Google Workspace news to make your work much, much easier. 

Tips to boost productivity with Google Workspace

Google Workspace has entered fully into our work routines so that we gain productivity while promoting teamwork from anywhere and at any time. And as it never stops reinventing itself, it has new optimizations that will brighten up your return to work after the vacations. 

Docs, Slides, Sheets and Smart Cards

The feature of mentioning other people via @ is expanding. New smart cards or new smart chips will connect people, content and events in a single experience. 

Until now, when you put the @ you mentioned someone and on the card you had information such as the person’s location or contact details. Now you will also be able to quickly review meetings and associated people or preview documents linked to them without having to switch tabs. 

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Intelligent writing 

Google Workspace is also implementing Smart Compose. This is an option that leverages machine learning to display suggestions as you type. 

It helps quite a bit when it comes to reducing repetitive typing or the possibility of misspellings. It also offers contextually relevant sentence suggestions. 

This smart writing feature is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese for business and education users. 

Edit documents from Chat

When collaborating we need smooth and fast communication. That’s why Google Workspace offers another very useful feature: moving from chat directly to co-creating content. 

You can now create and edit documents and spreadsheets from chat rooms. In addition, Google has reported that in the coming months they will introduce emoji reactions in Docs. 

Sheets desde Chat de Google

Use Google Keep

Capturing ideas by voice, adding images to notes or marking to-do’s? It’s now possible. 

Thanks to Google Keep you can create, share and work as a team. Keep syncs across all your devices so your notes and lists are always at hand, wherever you are. 

Faster with the Explore button

With the Google Explore button you can quickly access from Docs, Sheets and Slides to your Drive files, web search or even images. 

This button uses machine learning to predict the things you may need while creating a document. Instead of opening a tab with different content than the one you are working on, this feature will offer a coherent image, for example. 

As you can see, opening your computer after the vacations and finding these top features is a real treat. Do you have any questions about these new features? Ask us!

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